I Don’t Eat Clean or Train Hard to be Healthy


While I think of topics people would like to read on my website, I always struggle. I think about what would get their attention? What do they want to know? It’s difficult to figure out what to write sometimes because things that are interesting to me might not be interesting to you. So, today I decided I would write my thoughts on being a dietitian and eating clean, unprocessed foods whatever I want.

If you go to my food philosophy page, you will see what exactly I believe in when it comes to food. Bottom Line: I am realistic. I enjoy eating cupcakes, french fries, pizza, salad, wraps, and everything everyone else does. Unfortunately, society has turned into this “you shouldn’t eat process foods and you should only eat things that grow”. As much as I wish I could do that (I would love to turn down a cookie for some carrot sticks) however, that’s not me. It won’t ever be me. I tried it and I was hungry, mean, and irritable. I realized it wasn’t me. I am a dietitian who does cardio, lifts weights, maintain my weight, and try to eat the best I can.

I live in a smaller town so if someone I know who knows what I do sees me in the grocery store and look in my cart, they might be caught off guard. It is not all fruits, vegetables, and non-process foods. My usual cart does have fresh fruits and veggies, frozen lean cuisines, chips, cream cheese, milk, diet soda, and Dove cookies and cream chocolates. I don’t really care if people consider me to eat “unhealthy” because I eat how I want too. I don’t want to miss out on food  because everyone else is doing it. People probably think I look in their cart….I don’t. I don’t care what they are eating. As a dietitian I am extremely aware of how people look at me. I am not a role model for “healthy” clean eating. I am a role model for realistic, “I know how to control my portions” eating.

Sitting and consulting with clients who want to change themselves whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, gaining weight, training for events, or need a nutritional intervention due to a disease then I am there. I am there to give them accurate and truthful information. I love it. I love researching meal plans that will suit their needs. I also know that someone who is trying to lose weight may want to have a day where they want something that’s considered “unhealthy”. I don’t mind, I just educate them on portion control and how to be mindful while eating higher calorie foods. People need to be realistic with what changes they want to make for a lifetime.

I appreciate people who love to eat nothing but clean food.  They enjoy it and think it is wonderful. I also appreciate people who are honest with themselves and give into cravings. One of my main things about losing weight is to be realistic and be aware. Be aware of your portion sizes; eliminate things you know you won’t miss. I know when you begin losing weight, changes in your diet will happen much easier for you. Don’t get caught up in this way of thinking that you can only be healthy if you eat unprocessed foods. Because it’s not true.

You are the only one who can define YOUR healthy. Don’t let others judge you. Do something YOU can do so you don’t feel like this…


P.S. Don’t judge the dietitian who is eating a brownie when you ask her what she does for a living (this happens to me more than not) 😉