Candy, Candy, Candy!!


It’s that time of year where all the grocery stores have their “seasonal” aisle at the store. So even though it is August your stores will have Halloween candy out in the next week or so.  Then you will have Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter candy back to back. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your will power.  🙂

I know some of you will be buying candy within the next 8 months and probably snag a piece or two twenty. So before you pick up any candy, do yourself a favor and try to pick the best of the best. This will not only help you, but also the kids who are receiving it. So you don’t have to give it up, just make educated choices. 😉

chocolate quote#2_beige
1. Go Dark!

Dark chocolate is full of health benefits and nutrients. The darker the better. So many candies are coming out with dark chocolate flavors so be adventurous and health conscious and go for the dark.

2. Get Nutty

Nuts have plenty of health benefits that will do your body good. Also, with having nuts in the chocolate, it means not as much chocolate is available… which means less sugar in that piece. Bonus!

3.  Avoid the White

White chocolate is the worst chocolate for you to eat. It does not contain any cocoa (which is where all the health benefits are) and it is full of sugar and fat.

4. Get your Raisin On

Raisins are full of antioxidants and fiber which is better candy than chocolate covered marshmallows. Raisinets also come in dark chocolate if you really feel like going the extra mile.

5. Musketeers to the rescue

3 Musketeers are made with a whip filling which offer fewer calories and fat than a snickers.  Remember to always read the nutrition label.

6. Chew, chew, chew

Some of you may not like chocolate, but prefer chewy fruit candies. Your best choice here would be Now and Later rather than chewy caramels. They have less calories and fat.

7. Take a Lick

Hard candies are often lower in fat that chocolate, but that doesn’t mean they are better for you. Try eating hard candies like jolly ranchers, gobstoppers, and suckers. These take awhile to eat so you are more likely to eat less of them.

8. M&Ms

If you are craving M&M’s try to grab a dark chocolate, almond, peanut, or pretzel bag


1. Buy snack sizes and individually wrapped candies (you tend to eat less than straight out of the box/bar)

2. Don’t keep your candy out in the open. I personally leave my chocolate in a drawer in my fridge and often forget it is even there.

3. Some candies to definitely eat in moderation: Snickers, Twix, White Chocolate bars/Kit Kats, Starburst, Skittles, Milk Duds, and one of my favorites: Reece’s peanut butter cups.