Jump Roping = Mega Calorie Burn

Jump roping is no longer for elementary school. Jump roping can be extremely beneficial and a great workout for your body. Not only are jump ropes cheap, but you can don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. You can do it right at home!  Jump rope can help increase muscle tone in your legs, arms, improve cardiovascular function, as well as promote weight loss. Research has shown that jump roping can be just as effective as running. So for those of you who don’t like to run or are tired of it, then I would suggest getting your jump rope out and start jumping!

There are several things you can do to maximize your workout with a jump rope. You can buy a weighted rope, change feet position, and or speed. I have listed 15 different moves you can do with your jump rope to change up and maximize your workout.

Try these moves in your jump rope work out to help increase intensity and calorie burn! Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can burn up to 130 calories in 10 minutes of jumping.

Jump Rope

1. Forward & Back: While jumping, imagine a line and jump back and forth from it.

2. Crossed Arms: While jumping, cross your arms and jump through the loop you made (I am pretty sure we all did this in the 3rd grade).

3. Double Jump: While jumping, jump high enough to where you can turn the rope twice under your one jump.

4. Boxer Jump: When jumping, put one heel out in front of you and then switch.

5. Side to Side: Just like the ski down exercise move, “ski down” (side to side) with each jump.

6. Squat Jacks: Try squatting with each jump to help maximize your quads and glutes.

7. Single Leg Hop: Jumping on one leg and alternate feet every few jumps.

8. Half Turn: While jumping, try turning 180 degrees a few times during the routine.

9. Arms Out: To help increase lean muscle in your arms, try holding your arms further out from your body while jumping.

10. High Knees: While jumping, bring each knee (one at a time) up at a 90 degree angle toward your chest.

11. Heel to Toe: While jumping land on your heels and then your toes on the next jump.

12. Running: Act as if you are running in place while jumping.

13. Scissors: Do the scissor move while jumping (Scissor Run).

14. Butt Kicks: With each jump, kick your feet back towards your rear.

15. On foot Side to Side: On one foot, jump side to side (alternate feet).