Get Your Greek On

When I am cooking and/or baking, I am always trying to figure out how I can cut calories in my dishes. It is like a game to me so I am always trying to swap out the higher calorie ingredient for a more nutrient rich one. There is one ingredient now that I use in a majority of my recipes….Greek yogurt!

The beauty of Greek yogurt is that it is lower in calories than mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, and much more. It also provides extra protein which is definitely a bonus! You can’t go wrong with substituting greek yogurt in recipes, trust me.

I don’t have a recipe this week, but I will be cooking one of my favorite recipes for next Monday. It has greek yogurt as a substitute and I know you all will enjoy it! If you have not tried to substitute Greek yogurt before, you should try it and see what you think. Nothing is better than switching out an ingredient in a recipe for something that provides fewer calories, more protein, and more nutrients.

Here is a conversion chart Chobani has came up with to help use Greek yogurt in place of other ingredients! I hope you enjoy and try making the switch!