15 Minute Workouts for Traveling

We have all been there when we travel. We go down to the hotel gym to workout and every cardio and weight machine is being used. Or, you decide to sleep in a bit but then feel guilty you didn’t get up. So what do you do? You don’t have time to come back, you can’t wait for a machine, and you don’t have an extra hour in the day to workout. You do an effective hotel room workout. In other words, a short high intense circuit workout.

The beauty about these 15 minute circuit workouts are that you don’t even have to leave your room. Put those sneakers on and get to sweating. These workouts don’t need a lot of equipment and if they do, it is already in your room. Score!

While I was reading my Oxygen workout magazine, this specific issue highlighted some effective short workouts. I have incorporated some of their exercises with my own. If you are unclear what the move is, just click on the exercise and a demo video will open-forgive my husbands fingers and my dog in some of them. πŸ˜‰

So next time you sleep in, can’t find a machine to workout on, don’t have time to workout later on your hotel stay, then I encourage you to try one of these 15 minute exercises. If you happen to get a treadmill at the hotel and want to do a HIIT then check out this post here.

I have listed three different workouts. Which means, you can do a different workout three different days. The rules are, you have to preform each exercise for 30-45 seconds (no breaks unless you absolutely need one). After you finish with all the exercises in that workout, take a 30 second break and repeat the same set you just did. You will want to do a total of three sets.

P.S. I actually had my twin sister do this while we stayed in a hotel back in Feb and it kicked her rear. She almost threw up. SO YOU CAN DO IT!!!! πŸ™‚


Workout #1

Squat Jacks

Towel Jump

In and Out

Hip Dips

Tricep Dips

Mountain Climbers

Squat Kicks


Workout #2

Jump Lunges

Ski Downs


Scissor Run

Plyo Jumps

One Leg Tricep Dip remember to switch legs!

Side Plank Under and Over remember to switch sides!


Workout # 3

Prisoner Squat

Side lunges – No video here, just lunge to the left and then right.

Push Ups- No video here. You can also do these on your knees as well.

Side In & Outs


Basketball Jumps

One Leg Tricep Dip remember to switch legs!


Good Luck and get your workout on!