When Should You Change Up Your Workout Routine?

I know in the beginning when you decided to make changes to your lifestyle it was easy to get up or make time for exercise. You were motivated and so exercising was fun and new. Then, over time things started to change. Maybe you don’t get up as often to workout, maybe you decide you need a break from working out, or maybe you just don’t “feel” it anymore. Whatever the reason is, it is most likely your workout needs a change. Something new, something different, something fresh. Here are a few signs for when it is time to add variety and change up your workout.

1. Your workout becomes boring.

Workouts should be challenging and keep you engaged. You should never dread a workout (well, you might dread it because it is going to kick your rear), but you should never dread it because you are bored with it. If you are bored with your routine now, then change it. Add more resistance in weight training, work out in a group class, take a friend walking with you, add more incline into your walks, speed up your walking/jogging pace, or add music to your workout. Sometimes, changes as these are not enough. If you have tried some of these changes and are still bored, then I would recommend trying an entire new activity. Go to a new gym class, try something you have never done, or just do something different. Whatever you do, it shouldn’t bore you-remember to keep it fun!

2. Your workout is not challenging.

Workouts are made to make you sweat and give it all you have. You should feel different after your workout. If you don’t feel challenged in your workout, then try to intensify it. During your workouts, you want to increase your heart rate. If your heart rate is not in it’s target zone, then you are not challenging yourself and you will most likely not see the results you want from your workout routine.

3. You are not seeing the results you want.

Some of the reason while you are working out is because you want to lose weight and or maintain your weight. Some of you may workout because you want to build more muscle or for overall health benefits. However, when you still watch what you eat, stay within your appropriate calorie range, and exercise, but not see the results you want; then it may be time to change up the exercise routine. You are more likely to plateau with your weight when you don’t have variety in your workout. Just like we get bored with things in life, your body get’s bored with the same routine over and over again. Once your body gets used to the same workout it is not a challenged so it stops changing. It stops responding like it used too. So add some new variety to your workout. Try different intensities, ranges, classes, inclines, HIITs, etc. Variety is key to fight through plateaus and get the results you desire.

4. You are weak and tired.

Exercise should make you feel better. You should feel energized after your workouts. If you aren’t and you feel weak, then you are probably overtraining. Take some time to rest and recharge. This is completely normal and happens frequently. Everyone needs a break so make sure you take one. You need to be physically and mentally ready to commit to your new workout when the time is ready. Remember, you should feel good after your workout, not like you need to nap.

If you think any of these apply to you, then you should reevaluate your workout routine and see how you can add variety to it. Workouts should be challenging, hard, and leave you energized. You are working hard to get the results you want so do yourself a favor and change things when they stop working for you. You deserve it.

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