Do YOU Have It In You?

I really enjoy watching other people change their lifestyle. I love it when The Biggest Loser, Extreme Weight Loss Edition, or any other program that showcases those who have changed to a healthier lifestyle is in season. I can’t help but feel inspired. I also feel that way about others who I socialize with everyday. People who surround you may even inspire you.  They may inspire you to lose some weight, become more active, try a new exercise class, try new recipes, etc. It is nice to have people who make you want to try new things and help you reach your goal(s). However, it is not those people who ultimately help you succeed. It. Is. YOU.

YOU have to have the determination, drive, and will power to help yourself. Only so many people can motivate, encourage, and support you. I firmly believe having a support system is crucial in making lifestyle changes, but you and you only can help yourself. Being in the career that I am, I see several people who think they are ready to make a change. They are pumped up about changing their diet, exercise habits, and much more. However, what some of these people don’t know is that losing weight and becoming more active is not short term, you need to be in it for the long haul. You are making a lifestyle change. You are not just losing some weight just to gain it back. You are changing, and hopefully it is for good. I understand change can be scary and frightening, but it can also be rewarding as well.

In order for change to happen, you have to dedicate yourself to it. Know things are not going to always be the same. You have to honestly want it more than anyone else. Becoming “healthier” is a way of life. It takes sacrifice and time. If you are not willing to dedicate yourself and give up sleep/tv time for exercise, begin counting calories, and changing your eating habits, then don’t start. Don’t set yourself up for failure before you have even begun. When you do fail because you were not mentally ready for the change, you become even more resistant to give it another shot. Remember, I discussed in an earlier post; small goals are the key to long term success.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from changing his or her habits; I am just being completely honest. I want to see people succeed and feel better about themselves. If I can help inspire, encourage, motivate, and be a part of their success, then sign me up! I have been able to work with people who go at it 110%. They start off small and then accomplish great things in life. They surpass goals they never thought they could even reach. It’s incredible; but it had nothing to do with me yet everything to do with them and the commitment they made to their self when they began their journey. People can help you and encourage you, but no one can help you if you don’t want to help yourself.

So, do you have what it takes? Are you ready to commit yourself to change?