Having a Bad Day/Week with Your Diet?

We all have them. We get off schedule, get sick, tired, or life just happens. Something comes up and our routine gets changed. Although, having a bad day/days/week is nothing to fret over. I was talking to my sister the other day when she called me to specifically tell me she had three “bad” eating days in a row. I informed her it was okay. Things like this happen. We all end up bad days where we slip up and don’t do as well as we should. I think the most important thing is to always know there will be times where you do have a day/days/weeks where you don’t exercise, stay with in calorie limits, and so forth. It is completely normal. There is no reason to view yourself as a failure or become unmotivated because you slipped up. Everyone has those days…it is just a matter of making the choice of getting back on track or choosing not too.

You always have choices. You can choose to take care of your body or you can choose not too. Everything is up to you. Don’t let obstacles and off days get you discouraged. Just come back and hit it full force. I reminded my sister three days didn’t mean she was going to gain all her weight back. Three days didn’t mean she was a failure. Three days didn’t mean she could never get back on track. She just needed someone to tell her this is normal and remind her all the hard work she has put in will not be undone in three days. Everything would be alright…because it will be.


Sometimes we take a break from exercising or eating certain foods because we get tired of the same thing or get burned out. The key here is to do something different. If you like a challenge and like change, then pick up some new exercise regimens. Go kickboxing, do yoga, try resistance training, biking, hiking, zumba, crossfit, do something, anything! Change up routine and find something you enjoy doing. As for the food part, this takes discipline. I am a firm believer in eating foods that you want; however, you should always use portion control and count your calories. Practicing portion control helps you become aware how many calories you are feeding yourself. Are you eating enough? Too little? Too much? I prefer people not to go on diets, but find a meal plan that works for you. Experiment with new recipes and new foods. One of my favorite recipe sites is skinnytaste.com. Her stuff is incredible. Craig and I cook off her website the majority of the time. She already counts the calories for you and even has the points for weight watchers listed on her recipes. Don’t worry about finding a diet, but start eating foods you want with moderation and discipline.

So what to do when you have had a “bad” day/days/weeks? You pick up and start again. Find a friend or someone you can talk to you. If you do not have anyone, you are more than welcome to talk here or email me. Remember, you are more than likely going to slip up and have some days that are not your best. It’s okay, but don’t let three off days turn into 2 months of off days. You work hard to maintain/change your lifestyle so don’t let it slip away because of a few days. Get back up and get started. Find your motivation and press forward. No one has ever regretted losing weight and becoming fit. Make the choice to step up after some bad days and reach your goals.

Bad Day