Which Diet Should You Choose?

             That diet, This diet, Your diet?

                Post #4

 For post #4 today, I would like to highlight the importance of a diet that works specifically for you. You should create the diet and it should be something you can achieve on your own. After all, it will be your personalized diet.

There are several fad diets out there and other diets in which other people make up and advertise. I am not saying these diets don’t work, but you need to see if they work for you. If someone can eat a low carb diet for the rest of his or her life, then go for it. If someone only wants to eliminate process foods in their diet, then I am a full supporter. Just because one person does it doesn’t mean it will work for you. In order for a “diet” to work, you have to be dedicated. You have to commit and change your eating habits.

I think the best “diet” to practice is no diet. Your diet is not something you will do for the next year, but it will be what you do for the rest of your life. Therefore, instead of getting caught up in low carb, no meat, no fruit diets; focus on well-balanced meals. Eat all foods; don’t restrict yourself if you don’t have too. Be aware of the amount of food you are eating. If you want to lose weight and you are watching your portion sizes as well as calorie intake, then you should be able to eat breads, dairy, fruits, meats, etc. Stop thinking about going on a diet and start thinking about making a lifestyle change. If you are not ready to change your eating habits, then you are not ready to start losing weight. As in post #3 you have to be motivated and dedicated to lose weight. You have to be willing to sacrifice time to make an effort to reach your goal(s).

So, don’t get consumed with trying different diets, really think about what are you willing to do to make a lifestyle change. You shouldn’t have to try all these different diets to see which one works for you. If you are watching your portion sizes and calorie intake, then you should be able to lose weight. Eating low fat dairy, whole grains, lean meats, and fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables is not difficult to do. It is just actually taking the time to incorporate them into your diet. Remember, losing weight is not a science, it is basic math. Calories in versus calories out. Try to make small changes and soon it will become habit and you won’t even have to think about it.

Eating Right

We should always enjoy food; don’t eliminate foods from your diet if you don’t have to. Find what works for you and what doesn’t. Your eating habits should be created by and you and not someone else.