Weight Loss = Dedication

Dedication and Motivation

Post # 3

 In order for someone to succeed at anything in life, there has to be motivation as well as determination. Those who are not motivated/determined by anything will simply not accomplish what they are set out to do. This same principle applies to maintaining your weight as well as losing it.

It is extremely easy for us to tell ourselves we can start a diet tomorrow and lose weight in two weeks or a month. Some of us are great about talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Actually wanting to lose weight is extremely different from doing it. I am not saying your intentions are right, but you have to have a reason for why you want to lose or maintain your weight. That reason is what keeps you going. That reason is what keeps you fighting for success. We know what it is like to be motivated as well as fight for something to attain it. Some of us have worked hard to become debt free, some have worked to get a degree from college, and some of us want to feel confident in the clothes we wear. In all of these circumstances, you were motivated. There was a key factor that kept you going and kept your eyes on your goal. Motivation pushes you; it makes you want to change and to do things differently. It can have you take risks and walk out of your comfort zone. Motivation helps you stay dedicated and focused on your ultimate goal.

Motivation and dedication go hand in hand together. In order for success, you have to work at it. You have to give it all you have and make sacrifices. We have all lived long enough to know you have to work for what you want and nothing in life comes easy. The same applies here. If you are not dedicated to lose weight and change your lifestyle, then most likely you will not succeed. Once you begin to lose weight and feel good about yourself, it is easy to keep going and changing. It is when things start to slow down, your weight plateaus, you are tried of logging your food, and exercising that you begin to lose the dedication and then tell yourself you are failing. When most people feel like they are failing, they tend to give up. When in all actuality you are not failing, but experiencing common, normal feelings. We all get tired and we all need a break from things, it is completely normal. However, there has to be dedication there to actually get back to your lifestyle changes and sustain them. Maybe you need to change up your routine, try different exercises, different foods, etc. Be creative, be spontaneous, whatever you do, don’t give up. Remember why you started this journey.

I am a big believer in writing down goals (mentioned here in post #1). I am also a believer in writing down what you are fighting for. What is it that makes you get up early or stay up later to exercise? What is it that makes you add more nutrient rich foods to your diet? Whatever it is, write it down and put it in a place where you can see it every time you feel like giving up. Before you start on your weight loss journey or to continue to maintain your weight, you should always ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice your time and give it all you have. If you are, then go for it and know you are changing your life for the better.