Losing Weight does not have to be Difficult

Weight loss is something people seem to always be working on and wanting to achieve. I see people who have a difficult time with losing weight as well as keeping it off long-term. Some people want to lose weight to feel better, physically look better, and/or because losing weight will improve their health. Therefore, if you are planning or trying to lose weight, this week I am going to do a post a day with tips to help you succeed in permanent weight loss.

Post # 1 – Goals

Diet. No one likes the word and everyone wants to do anything other than “diet” to lose weight. So many people look for an easy and fast way to lose weight. This is the problem. To lose weight, it takes work, effort, discipline, and consistency. I am assuming when most people lose weight, they want to maintain their goal weight for as long as they can. So, the questions is: Are you going to “diet” forever, or are you going to change your eating habits and make a permanent lifestyle change?


Changing your eating habits long-term does not have to be difficult or challenging. Start off slow. Several people give up on losing weight and changing their eating habits because they start off trying to change too much at one time. With changing several new things at one time, it can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain which then can lead to failure.


Therefore, make small changes at a time; a change such as incorporating exercising at least four times a week for 30 minutes a day. This would be a realistic change and just one change you have to focus on. After you have met this goal, you can keep adding more. Losing weight is takes time and you have to give yourself time to adjust and get used to it. Soon, you will have made these changes and it will become a daily habit and part of your normal routine.


When making goals, make sure it something you are willing to actually do. If you don’t feel like making that change, then you won’t. You have to be motivated to make change. Make sure your goals are specific and realistic. Make sure your goals are written down and visible to you. You want to be reminded of what you are fighting for and trying to accomplish. When you have your goals written down and you reflect upon them, you will be more likely to maintain and reach those goals.


So, I challenge you to make a new goal. A goal that is specific, realistic, and one you know you can start as soon as possible. Change starts one step at a time. 🙂

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